Young gem Archie, 10, wins Sidmouth Jewellers stableford

Scenic of Sidmouth hockey club

Sidmouth hockey club - Credit: Sidmouth hockey club

In the winter of 2019 the second running of the J Lee Cup knockout competition began. Covid then unfortunately intervened before all the matches could be completed so it was put in abeyance until happier times.

This winter competition then had further covid and weather delays so that it wasn't until 2021 that it was completed!

The final was eventually played out between Mike Shepherd and Neil Holland with Mike coming out victorious whilst Kym White won the third place playoff against Stuart Coles.

The final Sidmouth Jewellers Friday stableford was won by 10-year-old Archie Griffiths with a solid 38 points ahead of Steve Milton on 37 and Matt Crane with 36 points. Archie achieved a further reduction to his handicap, now at 27. Thus the Friday League was concluded with an emphatic win by David Burgess with an unassailable 157 from Graham Davies, 122 and Steve Milton on 116. Well done to all the season's winners and to our sponsors for their continued generosity.

This Monday the Seniors started their Winter Eclectic competition alongside the club and senior stableford. The club winners were Paul Murphy on 38, ahead of Les Pratt and Brian Margison, both on 36. The Senior stableford was won by David Hall with an excellent 42 points given the conditions. Mike Davis came second with 40 and Brian Margison took third with his 36. The Seniors Eclectic for week 1 sees David and Mike topping the table with nett 70 with John Barnard in third with 72. Early days, but a good start.

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