Sidmouth Croquet Club awards

Sidmouth Croquet Club once again demonstrated their successful recipe for running a well-attended and efficient AGM.

Sidmouth Croquet Club once again demonstrated their successful recipe for running a well-attended and efficient AGM.

Prior advertisement of previous minutes and nominations for committee membership saved considerable time and officers' reports, covering all the season's highlights, were brisk and to the point.

A murmur of approval went round the room when groundsman Colin Whitehall's name was mentioned. He should be in no doubt that the croquet section have high regard for his work on the lawns.

Considering that approaching 70 members were in attendance, business was dealt with surprising quickly with very little intervention from the floor. John Dixon gave the customary Chairman's overview of the year and, in turn, was thanked for his successful period in office.

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The new 'guiding light' will be Elaine Woodward, who was elected along with new committee members, Keith Thorley and Rosemarie Aldridge.

The AGM was followed by the prize-giving and supper and this may have had something to do with the good turnout!

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The prizes this year were presented by long-serving member Vera Henderson, herself a past winner of various club trophies.

The evening concluded with over 60 members staying for an excellent supper prepared by caterer Gill Hodge and staff.

Competition results:

Dorothy Toye Cup - Winner Margaret Piper, Runner-up David Clarke.

Canton Trophy - Winner John Coombes, Runner-up Derek Powell.

14 Point Game (high handicap) - Winner Muriel Philpott; Runner-up Marian Harris.

Corbett Spoons (1 ball high handicap) - Winner David Laidler; Runner-up Keith Thorley.

Corbett Spoons (1 ball low handicap) - Winner David Temple; Runner-up Richard Mills.

Robert Case Shield (shot game) - Winner David Temple; Runner-up Elaine Woodward.

Robert Case Tankard (shot game) - Winner Philip Harris; Runner-up Graeme Pryor.

Colclough and Sidmouth Cups - Winners Ian Friedlander and Pamela Bowra; Runners-up John Dixon and Martin McInerney.

Cunningham Salver (golf singles high handicap) - Winner Ann Ractliffe; Runner-up John Coombes.

Hatherley Cup (golf singles low handicap) - Winner Peter Hills; Runner-up David Clarke.

Cunningham Salver (golf doubles open) - Winners David and Nancy Temple; Runners-up Graeme Pryor and Robert Hammond.

Golf Croquet (doubles high handicap) - Winners Elizabeth Bridges and Diana Davenport; Runners-up Janet Croud and David Jeremiah.

Devonia Cup (high handicap) - Winner Keith Thorley; Runner-up David Laidler.

Fermor Rose Bowl (ladies) - Winner Nancy Temple; Runner-up Sue Rogers.

Belmont Cup - Winner Roger Hendy; Runner-up Margaret Piper.

Advanced Handicap Singles - Winner Roger Hendy; Runner-up John Dixon.

Humphrey Hicks (advanced) - Winner Cliff Jones; Runner-up Tony Dustan-Smith.

New Golf Croquet Competition - Winner Robert Hammond, Runner-up Graeme Pryor.

New Members' Competition - Winners Philip and Marian Harris, Runners-up John and Mary Williams.

The Wheel - Winner Mike Taylor, Runner-up Barbara Clarke.

Most Improved Player (high handicap) - Keith Thorley.

Most Improved Player (low handicap) - Richard Mills.

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