Sidmouth croquet players land Mr Seagull trophy triumph against Budleigh

Pam Bowrah in action

Pam Bowrah in action - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth croquet players land Mr Seagull trophy with win over Budleigh

Sidmouth’s Croquet Team had its second friendly match against Budleigh this year, writes Pam Bowrah.

The match was contested for the prized possession of a trophy known as ‘a seagull’ made by Chris Donovan of the Budleigh Croquet Club.

This is always a popular match and this years was no exception.

Sixteen games were played in all. Budleigh brought some of their top players in an effort to retain Mr Seagull.

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By lunchtime Sidmouth were two in the lead. So it was all systems go to stay ahead, something Sidmouth did with aplomb to secure a 9-7 success.

That all means Mr Seagull sits proudly on a shelf in the Sidmouth clubhouse for all to see.

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