Golf returning to Sidmouth

Sidmouth Golf Club

Sidmouth Golf Club - Credit: Sidmouth Golf Club

Golf is returning, courses across the country opening for play on Monday March 29. Golfers everywhere will be cleaning kit, checking supplies of golf balls and tees, making sure trollies are in good working order and getting ready for the starter’s metaphorical gun to sound.    
Course preparations continue apace as the countryside wakes up and Spring takes hold. Putting greens are being prepared, fairway lines cut and the presentation of the golf course becomes the focus as we drive towards reopening. 
Golf is an amazing game to play, regardless of the standard at which anyone does play. We watch the experts on TV make it look so easy yet find that is an incredible challenge when we ourselves come to try. No one thinks it will be difficult to propel a stationary ball to where they want to go – until they attempt it and find just how difficult it is. 
Actually hitting the ball is only one element of what makes golf a game for life. It is the most sociable of games, golfers spending time in the open air with a group of like-minded friends with time between shots for conversation, discussion and debate, as well as taking in the often spectacular surroundings whilst mind and body are also focussed on the game.
It is no surprise that those who play the game not only live longer than the average, they live fitter too. Physical and mental health are enhanced by golf. 
Golf had a reputation for being difficult to get into. Clubs can seem intimidating for the beginner to make the break into, developing their game and finding people to play golf with essentially from a standing start. 
Sidmouth GC offers the perfect solution to this in the Sidmouth Golf Academy. The Academy is a course of tuition conducted at Thorn Park Golf Range and on-course at Sidmouth GC which gives a new golfer sound fundamentals for playing the game and a baseline knowledge of golf. The tuition is done in groups, so every Academy member is automatically learning alongside like-minded others immediately developing that network to play with going forward.  
Once the tuition stage is completed the Club provides mentors for all Academy members, mentors who take new players out on the course and become a source of support and companionship as they decide whether to take the game further. Everyone who completes the Academy is offered a 2-stage, 2-year process into Full membership of the Club. 
Post pandemic, many golf clubs will be emphasising membership in the availability of the 1st tee to golfers. Visiting golfers of all abilities will be welcome at Sidmouth from the restart of golf and can book online at by clicking on Book a Tee Time on the Home Page. Visitors can book 6 days in advance to play in the afternoons and booking for visitors will open on Tuesday, March 23. 

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