Sidmouth ladies beat Budleigh

Two important County matches took place on Saturday and Sunday at Sidmouth Bowls Club.

Two important County matches took place on Saturday and Sunday. Both were played in brilliant sunshine on the lovely greens at Sidmouth. What a perfect setting for these matches!The County Ladies over-50s League saw two rinks of triples, with Budleigh Salterton as the opponents, resulting in a win on both rinks by Sidmouth ladies. The overall score was 41-19 and the two teams were: Christa Turner, Sheila Burnand, Sue Wright 20-10 and Dreda Taylor, Sheila Lewis, Anne Capon 21-9. The green started on the heavy side but soon settled with play, resulting in this victory for Sidmouth.The National Top Club took place on a perfect Sunday morning, with spectators from Sidmouth and opposing Seaton looking very summery whilst enjoying some exciting bowling, as they supported their clubs. Four teams played and if, at the end the teams drew, then the match was to be decided on shots. Seaton started strongly, but it did not take long for Sidmouth to begin catching up and, at the end of the morning, Sidmouth and Seaton drew. The teams were: singles Eileen Stribling 17-21; pairs Marie Wall and Eileen Hewett 16-19; triples Jean Brimson, Phyl Nobbs, Anne Newman (Capt) 19-14 and fours Pat Pritchard, Marianne Borst, Anne Capon, Jill Bishop 16-13. It was a very close game on the triples rink. The score, with only two ends to go, was 14-14, but the ladies held their nerve and won the last ends, cheered on by a very appreciative crowd. Sidmouth beat Seaton by 11 shots and they go forward to the next round. Well done, ladies, and well done, also, to referee Jan Turner and marker Beryl Sparkes for doing a grand job. THE MEN played their second County Trophy match against Honiton last week. The result was defeat on both home rinks, winning one away and losing one away. Home: B Smith, P Mison, M Borst, C Bryant 14-24; K Bridgman, B Hague, J White, P Wilson 16-27.Away: D Holland, T Brown, R Cook, N Brimson 19-20; J Mason, C Hewett, B Daniels, B Seldon 23-19. Overall 72-90 to Honiton The awful uncertainty of the weather came back with a vengeance last Wednesday as the club had to postpone all Over-60 matches against various opposition due to the heavy rain These matches will have to be re-arranged later in the season Last Thursday, Sidmouth men were given a lesson in bowling from a very strong touring side from the Northampton area At least on most rinks the scoring was a reflection on how strong are the bowlers who come on tour There were County and Middleton cup bowlers from across Northants on the six rinks, and it certainly showed P Mison R Knights P Clements B Boddy 16-18; L Catford W Turner J Richardson B Seldon 12-24; B Barber B Angove B Daniels C Hewett 16-25; B Smith D Mountford B Hague J Mason 18-22; R Tallent F Adlam R Graham E Mills 23-16; D Bridgeman J Chew R Cook N Brimson 7-35. One or two overtures were made to me to lose the scorecards for this match, however, the true reporters' code shone through, and I couldn't help but send the scores in - besides, the bribe was not considered worthy l Friday of last week saw the first round of the Men's Singles competition. It was a great day, as far as the weather was concerned, but not so great for those who fell at the first hurdle Competition is shown in the dictionary as an act to show who is the better competitor. Many winners are content to feel that they have achieved something when they beat someone who is considered to be a better player However, a loser often rests on the fact that "on the day" they lost, suggesting that the result was a one off, and would not happen too often against that particular opponent. Could that be a reason why so many players do not bother entering competitions at all?

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