Sidmouth ladies’ captain - An ode to bowls


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Sidmouth ladies’ captain Susie Bonnell has penned an ode to bowls.

Sidmouth ladies’ captain Susie Bonnell has penned an ode to bowls.


She fears the worst and looks at lists

For any names she may have missed

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Ten rinks are wanted - so she hears

Needs more players or there’ll be tears.

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She lies in wait to beg and plea

Please, please, please play for me

On the phone she gives the call

And finally she gets them all

Enough names up to have a match

Who’ll make the tea? Now that’s the catch

Who hasn’t done their full quota

Swap some names - Check the rota

So here it is - the day has come

Our biggest hope is for the sun

Come rain or shine, we will still play

But lovely weather will make our day

It’s 2pm - we start the game

A magic day is in the frame

Tea and scones are gobbled up

New friends are made with whom we sup.

She ends the day with a Sidmouth win

She goes home happy and all done in

Well done ladies - one and all

Thanks for taking your captains call

Susie Bonnell

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