Sidmouth ladies’ win over Vale

Sidmouth and Ottery Ladies’ 1st XI 3, Taunton Vale 2

After the half term break Sidmouth and Ottery Ladies’ 1st XI were eager to start this home fixture on a crisp November morning.

The team line-up differed considerably owing to illness and injury, however, this only served to highlight the strength and depth of the squad with youngsters and experienced players waiting to step in.

It was Taunton Vale who struck first though, capitalising on a slightly sleepy start from SOHC. But it wasn’t long until a period of attacking pressure resulted in a flurry of attacking short corners for SOHC. Not one followed the practised formula though, but ad hoc play finally resulted in a chance falling to Nicky Bishop who flicked the ball calmly over a diving Taunton Vale keeper. This took the game level into half time.

SOHC resumed the second half with more reassurance, possession being kept across the defence by Lea Pidgeon, Sarah Hutchings and Chloe Munn. This allowed more space to be found upfront and resulted in several chances for young striker Bobby Caldwell whose excellent reactions eventually converted on the left post to make it 2-1.

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A flurry of attacking short corners followed and Lea Pidgeon struck home another goal. Player of the Match Hannah Watts continued to cause problems for the Taunton Vale defence as she penetrated with speed and agility, however, tiredness began to show as Taunton Vale struck on the break, 3-2.

A tense 10 minutes followed in which SOHC absorbed Taunton Vale pressure, unnerving supporters and particularly coaches Gus and Lloyd. However, they held on to win, serving to highlight that even on an off day, when the team’s normal passing game evaporated at times, the strength and depth of the squad still had the ability to defeat a talented Taunton Vale side.

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Postmatch discussion recognised more work is needed on set pieces and in building confidence in passing as players work to realise the full potential of this newly-formed squad. SOHC take on Bridgwater in Ottery at 12:30pm, Saturday.

Dartmouth 4, SOHC Ladies 2nds 2

Sidmouth and Ottery made the trip down to Dartmouth hoping for their first league win of the season, unfortunately it just wasn’t their day!

The away side started well with lots of enthusiasm and communication which resulted in an early goal for them by Rachael Down. Dartmouth fought back and managed to get an equaliser.

Sidmouth and Ottery kept working hard to try and get the lead back. There was some fantastic passing between Anna Bowker and Maisie Pritchard, getting the ball out to Emma Dalton who with her superb skills made some lovely runs down the wing, getting the ball past the Dartmouth defenders for Karen Dutton to score.

At this point the away side were looking the strongest and had all the possession, however Dartmouth were not giving up and SOHC soon found that they were in their D and looking to equalise. Becky Delasalle made some brilliant saves right off the goal line, but, eventually, after many attempts from the rebounds they got it in.

Sidmouth and Ottery kept pressing and were awarded short corners and had several shots but just couldn’t get a goal back. Dartmouth made a lucky break and took the lead, 3-2, for the first time in the game.

Sidmouth and Ottery came out in the second half determined to win and again had plenty of chances on goal, but the Dartmouth goalie was on fire and nothing was getting past her!

Helen Ackland defended well, intercepting some of the long balls Dartmouth were hitting up the pitch.

Dartmouth’s forwards made some quick runs and passes which resulted in another goal for the home team ending the game 4-2. Sidmouth and Ottery had lots of chances but luck was just not on their side. Man of the match goes to Emma Dalton.

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