Sidmouth RC duo enjoy the Flying Fox’s Ninesprings By Night meeting at Yeovil

Sidmouth Running Club duo Terry Bewes (left) and Kyle Baker (right) showing off the Ninesprings blin

Sidmouth Running Club duo Terry Bewes (left) and Kyle Baker (right) showing off the Ninesprings bling. Picture: SRC - Credit: Archant

On a very cold mid-January Saturday evening, Sidmouth Running Club duo Terry Bewes and Kyle Baker took part in another Flying Fox’s night event, The Ninesprings By Night, writes Hamish Spence.

Terry and Kyle headed off to Yeovil for a 5.30pm start for another one of Flying Fox's fantastic night events!

This one took place on the outskirts of Yeovil, at the Ninesprings Nature Park, named after the nine natural springs which flow from the valley.

Having competed in similar Flying Fox events on previously occasions, they were both still unsure of the extent of the challenge ahead with the freezing weather… which shoes to wear, how many layers, hat and gloves?

The 10k race was two laps of the course and Kyle took off at a fast pace, soon finding it more challenging than he'd thought, with the slippery stone steps, mud, ponds, more steps and wooden bridges!

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He felt like it was a never-ending uphill battle; however, the 5k lap was soon completed with a lovely downhill blast to the start of the second lap.

Now knowing what was ahead of him, Kyle slowed down to a more steady pace, ready for the steps and mud, which even though he'd been over it once, it still came as a surprise!

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He carried on, catching up with a few competitors who'd over taken him on the first lap. Setting the pace for the rest of the run with two other runners and just one mile to go, Kyle pushed on, over taking a few more competitors.

He sprinted past the last one in the final 100m stretch, finishing in a time of 50:13 to secure 30th position. Terry arrived back in a time of 1:12:15 to find that Kyle had eaten the last of the banana cake! However, both Mighty Greens thoroughly enjoyed the race and were very happy with the medal, which was another Flying Fox masterpiece.

Both lads are looking forward to the next Flying Fox Running event, Escape from Wych Woods, which is being held on February 15.

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