Dates for the Sidmouth running diary

Ross Walton finding the blue bird

Ross Walton finding the blue bird - Credit: SRC

Following the Government's roadmap for exiting lockdown restrictions, Guidance from England Athletics, and last week's Sidmouth Running Club committee meeting, club runs will be commencing in a Covid-secure environment on Monday, March 29 and the off-road season begins on Monday, April 5, subject to any change in guidance. 
October 3 is firmly in Toby Garrick’s calendar as he was the only member to meet the club's criteria for the London Marathon place and we look forward to cheering him on, and the other Mighty Greens who have a place in this prestigious event. 
When MG Antony Hall ran the latest lockdown road run challenge, you do not want to read that he found it hard as you know there is no hope for the less experienced runner.  
In fairness, he did run from Sidford and back and completed three reps of pyramids of Convent Road with a recovery run down Bickwell Valley at the end of each set.
David Welsh and Derek Blackburn also completed three reps, Christine and Karen Farnham were surprised to see they had clocked up eight miles, while Kerry Salter ran three reps.  
Carol McManus, Jane Hemsworth, Bert Dykema, Adrian Horne, Mark Norton, Jenny Kay, Alexa Baker, Caroline and Jon Ball took the two-rep option. 
The second road run challenge set by Terry involved a nice five-mile loop around the valley, but Ross Walton added mileage and ran at 7.14min/mile pace and Tim Swarbrick ran both of the road runs together, 8.43 miles at 8.53min/miles.   
Carol McManus is now enjoying her 6am runs in total daylight and early evening runners are managing to run the challenges mostly in daylight - the days are drawing out and what a difference it makes.    
Weekend runners including Liz Goodman and Alison Long found they had four seasons of weather in their run including hail.  Mark Norton enjoyed the break from the hills and Tash Morgan finished the loop on a precise six miles.   
Also completing the challenge was Derek Blackburn, Bert Dyekema, David Welsh, Els Laureys, Beccy Johnson, Tracy Scannell, Jenny Kay, Alexa Baker, Caroline and Jon Ball, Christine and Karen Farnham. 

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