Sidmouth Running Club welcomes return of the Bicton Blister

Sidmouth Running Club at the Bicton Blister

Sidmouth Running Club at the Bicton Blister - Credit: Kyle Baker

Following the wild winds on Saturday, the 37 Sidmouth Running Club members weren’t sure what to expect when they arrived at Bicton College to compete in Exmouth Harriers’ Bicton Blister (10 miles) and Bicton Lite (4.5 miles). 

As well as plenty of climb, encouraging cadets/marshals and bagpipes, the multi-terrain race had additional extras this year: a telegraph pole to duck under in the road section, a fallen tree to climb over and icy puddles to run through.  The weather provided many a conversation before the start too, the sun was out but the temperature was low, how many layers were necessary? 

In a field of over 480, the Mighty Greens set off along the road stretch where the runners spread out before the first climb of many on Woodbury Common.   

The nine first-timers now understand why members like Helen Palmer and Don Cawthera have been signing up to this event for ten + years, with the spectacular views, the well-marshalled and signposted route, and the variety of terrain, (running along a single wooded track, scrambling up and down the loose pebblebed paths, charging through rivers plus the tarmac section) - even the many walkers they met were very encouraging too. 

Bicton Lite Results-92 finishers: 43 David Welsh 51:54; 60 Sue-Ellen Lee 56:41; 76 Julia Haddrell 1:00:54; 82 Emma Grainger 1:04:34; 83 Doreth Lawrence 1:04:40. 

Bicton Blister Results-387 finishers: 63 Antony Hall 1:22:37; 88 Ollie Goodchild-Horne 1:26:34; 105 Mark Andow 1:28:11; 107 Ross Walton 1:28:15; 143 David King 1:32:09; 156 Jamie Locke 1:33:20; 194 Tim Swarbrick 1:37:40; 197 Sam Ingram 1:37:45; 199 Mark Norton 1:37:52. 

210 Catherine Hilton 1:39:12; 216 Rob Edwards 1:40:03; 221 Simon Hollyer 1:40:38; 233 Becky McDonald 1:41:36; 242 Sarah Ginsberg 1:43:05; 249 Adrian Horne 1:44:21; 252 Naomi Garrick 1:44:43; 258 Christine Farnham 1:45:16; 261 Karen Farnham 1:45:43; 266 Adam Passmore 1:46:51; 269 Clive Gilbert 1:48:12; 273 Don Cawthera 1:48:36; 277 David Lee 1:49:09; 282 Deb Cawthera 1:49:58; 294 Christine Hellier 1:51:34. 

Most Read

306 David Wright 1:53:31; 324 Rachel Barnard 1:57:31; 325 Els Laureys 1:57:36; 327 Alexa Baker 1:57:40; 341 Cath Miller 2:00:38; 342 Cathy Keast 2:00:38; 343 Helen Palmer 2:00:39; 375 Leeann Thomson 2:11:36. 

All smiles at the Bicton Blister

All smiles at the Bicton Blister - Credit: Kyle Baker

SRC Christine putting in the hard yards

SRC Christine putting in the hard yards - Credit: Kyle Baker

Beautiful scenery for a tough race

Beautiful scenery for a tough race - Credit: Kyle Baker