Sidmouth sailing success for Clapp.

Sidmouth Sailing Club

Sidmouth Sailing Club - Credit: Archant

A flat sea but a gusty north-easterly breeze made for some interesting sailing off Sidmouth.

Being the first sail of the season the conditions proved challenging at times, even for the more experienced sailors in the fleet.

Everyone seemed a little rusty after the long winter lay off, taking a while to get back into the swing of things.

In the first of two races, the majority of sailors tested the temperature of the water as capsizes came thick and fast with some exciting sailing experienced by all.

With the shifting wind it became increasingly difficult to judge the best tack with big gains and losses coming on every leg.

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After becoming used to the conditions, the second race of the day saw a more closely-fought contest between all with a few less capsizes; tactics began to play a bigger part.


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Laser fleet: 1 – C Clapp; 2 – M Taylor; 3 – B Vine.

Scorpion Fleet: 1 – Simon Price/ Emma McFadden; 2 – Nick Jennings/ Jo Kinder

3 – Andy Hayman/ Dave Clarke;

Race two

Laser: 1 – C Clapp; 2 – B Vine; 3 – M Taylor.

Scorpion Fleet: 1 – Nick Jennings/ Jo Kinder; 2 – Simon Price/ Emma McFadden; 3 – Andy Hayman/ Dave Clarke.

Saturday Kyle Fitch, Oliver Moore-Jones & Dylan Shepherd.

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