Sidmouth seniors engage in a little of 666

Craig Melluish in action at Sidmouth

Craig Melluish in action at Sidmouth - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth seniors held their first competition of the year earlier this week, writes Charles Oram.

The format of the competition was 666, a number which to some possesses sinister overtones!

It is mentioned in the Book of Revelations as the number of the beast and finds a place in the murder-mystery novel, the Da Vinci code.

Conspiracy theorists will be disappointed to learn that there was nothing sinister about Monday’s stableford competition.

Twenty teams of three players (randomly selected) took part. Only the best net score per team counted for the first six holes, the best two net scores were used for the next six holes - and all three scores went on the card for the home straight.

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Unfortunately, the weather was exceptionally beastly: an icy wind raked the fairways from the direction of the Russian Steppes and deposited a dusting of snow. The winning team consisted of club president, Trevor Kerridge, Tony Willson and Bob Skelly.

Kerridge recently returned from warm-weather training on the parched fairways of New Zealand and his team’s imposing score of 81 points was a revelation!

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In second place, on 73 points, was this year’s seniors’ captain, Doug Goodall, supported by Paul Blay and former club captain, John Caroll.

Third place (with 71 points) was taken by Mike Teague, Mark Laird and Terry Blackler.

Teague recently won the winter Eclectic cup - and Laird was last year’s winner of the same trophy. The only two’s of the day were carded by Jerry Dewhirst and Tony Crow.

In the evening, the players thawed out in the clubhouse, nourished by an excellent meal. Doug Goodall gave his inaugural speech as captain and awarded the prizes. There was also a charity raffle.

Unlike this week, last year’s opening competition took place in warm sunshine - but this was followed by months of unrelenting rain. Here’s hoping for better weather for the rest of 2013!

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