Sidmouth Snipers Under-9s edge out Exeter Chiefs


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Sidmouth Under-9s played host to the junior Exeter Chiefs and it was quite clear that all the players involved took plenty from the action.

The respective team coaches opted not to play the seven-tackle rule and so, on occasions, the phases entered double figures before turnover happened with Toby Morris, Leon Rowley and Roman Moore doing well as scrum halves.

The half-time score of 0-0 underlined the ferocity of the tackling from both sides. Sidmouth tacklers Alec Bagwell, Scott Monro Higgs, Harry McMahon and Reece Hext were a credit to the home team.

The second half saw Jack Pugh out of the action receiving attention for an injury and during his absence the six remaining players were hit by two Exeter Chiefs tries. Once Pugh returned the home side regained momentum and there was some terrific running from Arlow Squires and superb interceptions from Charlie Turley to warm the hands of a large watching crowd.

The Sidmouth Snipers were captained by Gyll Gray with Laisey Jackson, William Morris, Ellie Monro-Higgs, Oscar Bruce, Archie Rowcliffe, Tom Bird, Charlie Simic and Toby Sanford making up the squad.

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Their encounter with an Exeter side saw the team exchange tries. Line defence and tackling were the key elements for the Snipers’ players to focus on.

Charlie Simic’s enthusiastic tackling set the tone and his efforts drew the best from the team who chipped in with good tackling and excellent support play.

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Tries came from good support play and offloads with Archie Rowcliffe, Tom Bird and Toby Sanford scoring tries, the latter notching a hat-trick.

Exeter Chiefs also had a number of good strong runners which led to a close game, but Sidmouth Snipers snatched an 8-7 victory in the final minute.

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