Sidmouth suffer whitewash Emerton Court defeat at North Devon


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Sidmouth Golf Club’s Emerton Court team headed to North Devon, to play the course heralded as the oldest in England, writes John Barnard.

Royal North Devon (RND), based at Westward Hole has a wonderful heritage and a clubhouse packed with history spanning two centuries.

However, to Sidmouth golfers it is more akin to an alien landscape. No hills, not much grass, donkeys and sheep wandering around and more wind than the roaring forties.

The Emerton Court is the premier competition for the over 60s and a strong Sidmouth team selected by Captain Douglas Goodall headed northwards, knowing that over the five matches, they needed to pick up at least half a point (for a halved match) or ideally, a whole point for a win.

It’s over two legs with the return at Sidmouth next Wednesday. Sadly, they returned home with a 5-0 defeat. The first pair off were David Cowler and John Barnard, a known partnership that has had success in the past.

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A battling start and then unexpectedly leading after four holes, they ran into an old friend in the opposition who performed heriocally, particularly when putting. One down at the turn, their opponents were level gross coming in and were untouchable.

Two matches made it as far as the 18th green with Lester Willmington and Trevor Kerridge needing to half the last for a deserved half point, but, sadly, their opponents won the hole.

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RND will struggle on the Sidmouth Hills so the team need to win the match 5-0 and then, a play off will determine who progresses. It’s back to the walls at present though!

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