Taekwondo Techniques Through Lockdown

Martial Arts Battling through the Restrictions

Martial Arts Battling through the Restrictions - Credit: Getty Images

The skill, dedication and flexibility of sports coaches in 2020 has played the pivotal role in maintaining enthusiasm, whatever your chosen discipline.

Beth and Andy Taylor run Taekwondo classes in Sidmouth and they have shown more adaptability than most, utlilising technology to develop technical ability among their students.

While it has been difficult and far from ideal, taekwondo instructors, like all sports lovers, are hopeful that this current period of restrictions does not last beyond early December.

“During the first lockdown, we were able to run Zoom classes and returned to in-person sessions from July,” said Beth Taylor from Sidmouth Taekwondo. “We have gone back on to the Zoom sessions for this second lockdown. Unfortunately, even when we had students visit classes, the rules mean it has been non-contact.

“However, we have been able to maintain the enthusiasm of students with technical lessons on Zoom and family groups are able to exercise together. It is challenging but we are able to work on technical aspects, and give advice on how to stay fit through lockdown. We can then make slight changes when we get back together.”

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On a national scale, British Taekwondo is continually monitoring the Covid-19 situation and aim to provide the most up to date guidance and resources for members, to help keep everyone safe.

They are working in partnership with Sport England and other Sports Governing Bodies to develop guidance and documentation that will help members understand the situation for sport and to assist them with a safe return to activity.

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A visit to the British Taekwondo website will provide all the latest advice and guidance documents by British Taekwondo on the current Covid-19 situation: Please note that any return to training advice depends on the national or local lockdown situation at the time.

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