Sense of pride for Sidmouth Town chairman

The Manstone Lane home of Sidmouth Town looking superb in mid-June thanks to the supreme efforts of

The Manstone Lane home of Sidmouth Town looking superb in mid-June thanks to the supreme efforts of Town groundsman Ken Mortimore. Picture; JAY THORNE - Credit: Archant

The new year arrives with new hope for everyone and there is a platform of pride for Sidmouth Town Football Club. 
Chairman Jay Thorne has endured a hugely challenging start to his tenure but the collective spirit at Manstone Lane has shone through some dark times. 
It is also the significant focus on youth football that will hopefully cement a bright future for a club that places tremendous emphasis on the social aspect of Sidmouth Town. 
“Like most clubs, we will be glad to see the back of 2020 but, as chairman, I am also proud of what we have achieved in such difficult circumstances,” said Thorne. 
“We have coped with everything that has been thrown at us and retained four senior teams competing in various divisions. 
“All the risk assessments have been put in place and I’m quite proud that we’ve got through the year. 
“Maintaining four senior teams is a challenge at any time, particularly in 2020, and we are also a football club with a huge social element. 
“Our members have been fantastic and I’ve only been chairman for 12 months, so I am very lucky to have a Committee that has been so proactive and supportive. 
“Everyone has got behind what we’ve tried to do and Sidmouth Town FC is a sanctuary for some people.  
“We’ve had four teams for a few years and also a fantastic youth system, with fresh talent coming through. I can only see us going from good to better. 
“All four senior teams have got fantastic managers in place and the relationship between the adult sides and kids coming through is really the most important part of the club. 
“Young players enjoying football is a central ethos at Sidmouth Town. 
“We are also very grateful to our club sponsors and partners. Most of them have been with us for a very long time and it still amazes the support all local sport clubs receive from the Sidmouth community. 
“It’s not just parents, it’s local businesses and I’ve really enjoyed my role as chairman, a role that is made easier by a very supportive Committee. 
“We now just hope for a better 2021 with teams playing football.” 

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