Sidmouth Town manager sings the praises of his team ahead of Elburton game

Honiton 2nds at home to East Budleigh. Ref mhsp 40-16TI 9156. Picture: Terry Ife

Honiton 2nds at home to East Budleigh. Ref mhsp 40-16TI 9156. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth Town manager Danny Burwood has been a ‘reluctant’ player in his team over the past few games.

He explained saying: "I would think the chairman and secretary are wondering why I have been playing so much as I am sure they figured, when I took the job as manager I'd be doing it from the dugout and not out on the pitch with the lads."

He continued: "Being a player-boss is never ideal and, to be honest, it was not something I planned. However, in recent weeks player availability has been an issue - it seems we, as a club, are not alone in that regard, and so it's been very much the case that 'needs must' hence me picking myself.

"That said, I have surprised with myself with just how well the legs have coped with playing again - and playing a number of games in a short space of time."

There is one player that the manager says has helped make his playing so many games in such a short period that much easier.

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He explained saying: "Matty Coulson is such an asset to us. If ever a single player epitomised a club then it is Matty.

"I am sure that if you cut the lad he would bleed green.

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"That's how much I believe he gives for the football club and I have to say, as we saw in the Wednesday night game against Dartmouth, that it's Matty honesty, extra ordinary work rate and all-round enthusiasm for the team that has helped me get through the 90 minutes."

So does Danny think he will continue to play on a regular basis?

His answer is: "No, look, its not ideal as I have already said. I do believe I still have something to offer and I am not about to hang up my boots just yet, but I genuinely do not want to be taking a starting berth. There ought to be young - and more suitable boots - out there on the park for us and I think I am more value in the dugout/technical area."

He continued: "I know I sound like a cracked record, but, the bottom line is that we have a good squad of players at the club. The mix of youth and experience is good and I am enjoying working with the group so much. We have certainly been given a massive boost by the likes of Dan Churchill and Russ Coombes making themselves more available. They both bring so much to the team and I also believe we have found a jewel in the signing of Dean Billingsley who was outstanding playing 'in the hole' in the cup win over Dartmouth."

The Town recruitment is not finished though for Burwood is still on the look out for additional players to boost the squad.

He says: "The fact is that we need to keep improving and developing as a team and as a football club. The key to that being a success is all down to the players. Of late we have not been rewarded for a series of performances that in no way were as bad as six straight defeats suggested. The midweek cup win over Dartmouth ended that run and now we can look forward with greater optimism."

He added: "I have really felt, in the last few games, that the players have been taking in what we have asked of them and, for a manager, that's music to the ears when you know that everybody is playing for you and the team and playing in the way you want them to perform."

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