No chance of finishing the Sidmouth season

Sidmouth Town's Danny Burwood chats to one of his players during Axminster Town v Sidmouth Town. Pic

Sidmouth Town's Danny Burwood chats to one of his players during Axminster Town v Sidmouth Town. Picture: Sam Cooper - Credit: Archant

The latest lockdown will almost certainly mean that Sidmouth Town are unable to complete their Peninsula League season in the normal fashion. 
While the Peninsula League secretary Phil Hiscox has done a superb job in getting games played up to this point, there is simply not enough time left in the calendar to finish the campaign. 
It is obviously a great shame for Sidmouth Town and all local clubs, but also a sense of acceptance in the football community. 
“I think everyone knew the answer to this season a while ago,” said Sidmouth manager Danny Burwood. “It was inevitable we would have another lockdown and there would be consequences from opening up Christmas. 
“It’s not come as a surprise and, looking at reports from the Peninsula League, there is simply no way of completing the season. 
“We’ve got over 20 games left and even if you start again in March, it will be two or three games a week for 13 weeks. 
“It would be impossible for the players and also the backroom staff.  
“There has been talk in the past of perhaps doing a small cup competition for local teams and that is possibly the best answer. 
“It keeps people motivated and gives players something to look forward to before we get into the summer. 
“The players keep themselves updated all the time and they are desperate to start playing again.  
“We all want to start doing the things we have done in the past and it hasn’t been the same this season. You couldn’t go in the bar after a game and enjoy the social side of football. 
“It has been a really difficult period and some sort of fun competition to keep people interested until the end of the season would be fantastic for clubs and players.  
“All the players have said they love playing for Sidmouth Town and the signings we have made have enjoyed being at the club. 
“I’m hoping we can keep the whole squad together and start again properly next season, with the bar open and people enjoying everything that comes with a happy Saturday afternoon.” 

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