Sidmouth Under-10s impress in matches with touring teams

Sidmouth Under-10s

Sidmouth Under-10s - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth Under-10s have played host two sets of touring teams over the past fortnight.

Playing alongside the clubs Under-7s, 8s and 11s, the Under-10s took on teams from Chobham and Thornbury on successive Sunday’s.

Chobham created some problems for the Sidmouth youngsters as they had clearly trained hard at getting over the ball before a ruck had been called which disrupted the Sidmouth flow.

The first of the three teams that the Sidmouths’ three sides faced forced the home players to learn quickly that contesting the ball was going to be key to the challenge.

This was shown in the results as the teams first results were a loss and a draw. The time between the matches was spent with some quick re-coaching of rucking!

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The following matches saw Sidmouth pull clear as the tourists came up against some great counter rucking especially from Zac and Luca Arver .

Against Thornbury, the Sidmouth Under-10s were prepared to fight for every ball and contested everywhere as it became clear places in the Devon U10 festival were at stake!

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The level of rugby played was exceptional with special mention to Will Allen for his efforts around the pitch.

In all, Sidmouth played nine matches and won eight of them, but all the matches were hard-fought and close contests.

The moment of the matches was in the dying seconds of the final game when Toby Morris fought his way over the try line carrying the ball and no fewer than three Thornbury players – all far bigger than home – as well.

Next month Sidmouth minis are on tour at Weymouth.

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