Sidmouth Under-15s put in great effort in difficult conditions

Sidmouth 15 Exeter Saracens 26 Sometimes rugby’s beauty is in its simplicity, writes Chris Robinson.

From the kick-off Unsworth caught the ball, the pack protected it, Innes-Kruger spun it out wide, a well- timed pass from Kennaugh and Lao ran around his opposite wing to score.

These two sides were actually very evenly matched and the only thing that was not even was the weather. Sidmouth in the first half played into a ferocious wind that brought rain and hail. In the second half the wind dropped and the sun came out? Sidmouth did amazingly well in that first half, as they were unable to kick to clear their line. Saracens scored one, but undeterred Sidmouth came back and Allen scored a superb solo try.

The next twenty minutes was fantastic to watch. Saracens kept attacking, but Sidmouth’s defence was as epic as the wind. Saracens did finally score and convert. Sidmouth’s defence looked like it had taken it out of them. Allen had to go off, Lao was hobbling and Saracens scored two more.

Credit must go to Sidmouth, as they did not give up. The front row boys were immense. Robinson’s tackling was terrific. Pearce attacked with real intent and Cornish had some powerful runs that kept Saracens’ defence honest. Sidmouth were rewarded when an Innes-Kruger break found Lao in space and he dived over to score. Sidmouth were still attacking when the final whistle blew and they should all be very proud of a tremendous effort in difficult conditions.

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