Spectacular Six Nations coming to a conclusion

Anthony Watson of England Rugby on the break past Brice Dulin of France during the Six Nations Cham

Anthony Watson of England Rugby on the break past Brice Dulin of France during the Six Nations Championship match between England and France at Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham, London on March 13 2021. - PHOTO: Micah Crook/PPAUK - Credit: Micah Crook/PPAUK

A great day of sport on Saturday and, with what normally is the conclusion of six nations to watch, most of my day was spent on the sofa (small portion spent on the edge of it) glued to the sport. 
As a Welshman, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Six Nations…. until around 79 minutes in Paris on Saturday. What a game. 
It had it all, plenty of tries, plenty of cards and ultimately plenty of quality. 
One area I would love to shine a light on is the quality of the officiating by our very own Luke Pearce, who handled an extremely difficult game, very well indeed. 
Welsh players and staff must be ruing the missed opportunity of a Grand Slam, a huge achievement missed out on, but they must be proud on the strides made from the beginning to end of the tournament. 
Where I really struggle to get an understanding is with what has happened with the form of England. 
They really did lack the physicality, and intensity you naturally associate with an in-form England team, and lacked hugely when trying to create against a quality Ireland defence. 
A midfield without Sladey, lacked massively, I think now is the time to change the way England look at their 10 and 12 selections among others, not even mentioning the omission of the Simmonds brothers. 
Where now for England? I’m not sure, other than selecting more of the reigning English and European Champions. Maybe that’s why I’m not currently sitting in Eddie Jones’ shoes. 
I have taken great pride in hanging the Welsh flag out front on the hedge, a great topic of conversation with our neighbours especially after this year’s Anglo-Welsh encounter.  
We have already received a little stick (good natured) after Saturday night’s result, although I must say, things must surely be a littler rosier in the Welsh camp after this campaign compared to their English counterparts. 
The ‘Red Dragon’ will now be accompanied by the Saint Andrews Cross if I can get my hands on one before Friday’s big event. 
Until then ‘lang may yer lum reek’ to the Scottish lads going against the French this week. 

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