Specatcular bowls v South Hams

The men’s matches began on Tuesday with a visit from the County Vice Presidents Association, represented by Torbay, Madeira and Budleigh Salterton, with a comprehensive win for Sidmouth 70 42, writes Ron Cook.

Scores were: Maurice Watson, Brian Smith, John Mason and skip Peter Wilson playing Budleigh Salterton 20-20; Ron Denning, Ed Backhouse, Peter Mison and skip Trevor Ashton-Pritchard playing Madeira 21-12; Derek Mountford, Peter Bates, Lawrence Tobias and skip Ron Cook playing Torbay 29-10.

The following day, the men received another representative side from the Exeter over-60s League with fortunes reversed, losing by 26 shots, 40-66. Best rink for Sidmouth was Ray Tallent, Bill Dunbar, Michael Hunt and skip Bob Daniels 19-15.

At the weekend, the men had two mixed matches, the first one being away at Vivary Park in Taunton. It’s a truly difficult rink, catching out all three teams, who went down 33-69. It was, however, a very enjoyable game and a turnaround from the sides’ earlier encounter in the season when Sidmouth had a comfortable win.

The following day, Sidmouth entertained a team from Feniton which saw the hosts squeeze home by seven shots, 58-51. Best rink was Elaine Reed, Christine Radburn, Anne Tredget and skip Maurice Watson 28-12. Very well done.

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The final match in the round robin stages of the Sidmouth League Cup, sponsored by Potbury’s, have been completed and players move on to the semi-final knockout stage on April 8, with both Sidmouth teams having come second in their section. The Matadors will play the Beachcombers, who are mainly Madeira players, and the Centurions will play Exonia.

The final will be played on April 15. The teams need as much support as they can get and we encourage as many members as possible to attend. The Sidmouth League has reached the final month of competition and Exonia are ahead of the Beachcombers on shot difference, each having 20 points. Sidmouth Matadors are in fourth place with a good chance of finishing in the top three.

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?In the Foxlands League, in a match against the ladies’ closest rivals, South Hams, Sidmouth only managed to win on the two home rinks. This was due, mainly, to spectacular play by the two skips Sheila Lewis and Phyl Nobbs. P Chew, C Hamer, J Fricker and P Nobbs 17-15; B Farmer, P Wrench, S Burnand and S Lewis 19-17.

The away team found it difficult to judge the weight of the green and lost by 14 shots overall. Sidmouth are just two points ahead in the league and the last match against Budleigh is vital! P Pritchard, S Mison, B Sparkes and J Bishop 16-19; J Brimson, D Taylor, E Clements and E Hewett 15-26.

The team playing in the zone finals of the triples were outplayed in every department by Madeira, who gave a demonstration on how to draw to the jack with consistent accuracy. It was a pleasure to watch and they should do well in future matches Well done Jean, Evelyn and Eileen.

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