Sun shines on Sidmouth bowlers' big day

THE CLUB finals have now been finished and over the three days members have witnessed some good bowling.

THE CLUB finals have now been finished and over the three days members have witnessed some good bowling.

The new club champion in the men's section is John Mason, and for the ladies Ann Capon.

For full results see the roll of honour right.

Other results: Away at Phear Park Sidmouth Men won 83-74; B Smith, D Lever, E Mills, M Borst 14-21; M Watson, C Rourke, K Hutton, J Mason 13-24; R Denning, D Ware, W Turner, C Bryant 26-18; D Bridgeman, B Barber, R Tallent, B Daniels 30-11.

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Can you remember the weather we had in Sidmouth Wednesday afternoon, September 2? The C squad played Crediton in that torrential rain. Possibly the game should never have started, however, as Sidmouth needed just one point from this game to avoid dropping down to Division 6, it was played.

To cut a long story short, the team are in Division 6 next season. It just wasn't to be Sidmouth's day, to say it was virtually impossible to bowl with that rain coming down in sheets was an understatement. All the club needed to do was to draw on one of the rinks for that point, but it went down on one rink 15-14.

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The touring side from Loughborough beat Sidmouth by 113-100 on a six rink mixed match: Z Johnson, J Wrench,C Turner, N Brimson 13-19; R Denning, B Farmer, W Turner, E Hewett 14-20; J Lewis, P Mison, P Wrench, M Borst 23-17;

B Smith, K Hutton, M Borst, B Hague, 16-19; A Appleby, P Gomm, D Lever,J Bishop 11-17; J Brimson, D Pound, S Mison, J White 23-21.

2009 Roll of Honour - Winner; Runner-up

Ladies' Championship: A Capon; M Wall

Men's Championship: J Mason; A Holland

Men's Climo: R Tallent; M Watson

Mitchell Plate: J Bishop; M Price

Nina Cup: M Watson; S Mison

Ladies' Three-Wood: J Brimson; E Hewett

Centenary Triples: K Bridgman/M Watson/T Pritchard;

R Tallent/B Angove/R Seldon

Grace Porter Triples: J Bishop/M King/P Wrench;

P Hannent/M Wall/A Capon

Beer Cup: E Godfrey/R Tobias/F Adlam/R Knights;

J Lewis/A Andrews/P Gomm/B Smith

Ladies' Two-wood: D Taylor; M Wall

Men's Two wood: J Mason; B Smith

Ladies' Handicap: A Capon; J Bishop

Mixed Pairs: A Tredgett/N Brimson; J Brimson/R Tallent

Club Mixed Championship: J Bishop; W Turner

Victory Bowl: J Lewis/B Barber/P Wilson;

R Tallent/M Watson/A Capon.

Ladies' Pairs: M Wall/ D Jamieson; M Price/S Cook

Nominated Mixed Pairs: M Smith/M Smith; A Capon/J Mason.

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