Supreme visitors hand out a thrashing

A four rinks triples mixed match at Exonia saw a remarkable finish on one rink

A four rinks triples mixed match at Exonia saw a remarkable finish on one rink.

R Tallent, J Green, J Mason were at one time trailing by 10-1, went into tea losing 10-6, but, as we very often say, it all changes after tea. Mason's rink won by 28-11, Exonia managing just the one shot after the break! P Mison, D Lever, W Limpus 19-10; P Gomm, D Taylor, D Limpus 17-24; D Ware, M Price, R Cook, 14-20, Sidmouth winning overall 78-65 to Sidmouth.

The over 60s A squad lost to Topsham B 32-42: D Holland, T Brown, P Wilson 9-28; M Hunt, C Bryant, N Brimson 23-14.

Sidmouth B squad beat Starcross A 43-32: J Chew, B Mortimer, M Borst 25-16; P Mison,D Lever, R Cook 18-16.

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The recovery of the C squad over 60s began last week with a maximum eight points against Bradninch away, and continued with the same eight points away at Budleigh Salterton. R Graham, W Turner, R Knights, 14-9; R Tallent, L Tobias, E Mills 20-18.

Supreme BC from the Kingston area in Surrey, have a fitting name which matched the way they played. Sidmouth were thrashed in a 10 rink mixed match. Sidmouth had three winning rinks, but lost overall 204-173.

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D Ware, B Farmer, W Turner, E Hewett 13-25; M Watson, C Rourke, S Burnand, C Hewett, 15-20; P Hague, J Green, M Daw, N Brimson 12-19; R Daw, T Constable, J Fricker, W Boddy 24-18; D Bridgeman, P Gomm, J Harrison, B Daniels 21-18; R Tallent, D Pound, B Hague, C Turner 16-22; Z Johnson,J Greenaway, C Hamer,R Cook 7-24; J Godbeer,D Lever, J Brimson, E Mills 20-22; J Godbeer, S Rose, M Borst, J Richardson 18-20; M Watson, P Chew, D Taylor, M Borst 27-16.

Having been on two of the losing rinks, I sincerely hope that the Turners - Christa and Bill - finished their day off in style, it being their 54th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you both.

The touring side from Cobham (Kent) gave the men on six rinks a close encounter, Sidmouth winning 113-101: J Wrench, B Smith, B Daniels, C Hewett 17-14; J Greenaway, D Mountford, B Hague, R Cook, 21-15; R Tallent, J Doyle, J Richardson, M Borst 22-13 ; M Watson, C Rourke, D Lever, J Mason 19-23; R Denning, J Chew, M Daw, J White 19-17; D Bridgeman, D Ware, W Turner, T Wilkins 15-19.

Cards for the match at home against Bradninch not to hand.

For the most part the weather has been very kind to the ladies this week and there have been some excellent results.

The County Over-50s league was played at home against Heavitree and, of the two triple teams, Sidmouth won one of them, adding points to the league table.

The best rink was Christa Turner, Phyl Nobbs, Eileen Hewett 29-16 - a very good win.

l Sidmouth ladies were invited to send a team to Seaton where they were to play against other clubs in the region for the Perham Trophy.

What a team! Pat Pritchard, Sue Mison, Sheila Burnand and Jill Bishop proudly brought the trophy back to Sidmouth - many congratulation ladies!

l Friendly matches: the first match of the week was at Phear Park - three rinks of triples. It was a great success with all teams winning - Sue Mison, Pat Gomm, Eileen Stribling 18-12; Paddy Chew, Jean Mountford, Sheila Burnand 14-10; Zena Johnson, Mary Bristow, Phyl Nobbs 18-12.

The second match was against a touring team and Sidmouth ladies were pleased to welcome two teams from Cobham in Kent. A lovely time was had, despite a little rain which certainly did not put off the home teams. After an excellent cream tea Sidmouth ladies went on to win on both rinks - Jill Lewis, Dreda Taylor, Sheila Burnand, Anne Capon 36-12; Paddy Chew, Mary Smith, Eileen Stribling, Eileen Hewett 19-13.

The ladies are now looking forward to the coming few weeks leading up to the finals of the in-house competitions at the beginning of September.

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