Teams battle it out at Bicton

A BITTERLY cold Sunday did not dampen the spirits of the teams competing in the East Devon Pony Club team show jumping at Bicton College.

A BITTERLY cold Sunday did not dampen the spirits of the teams competing in the East Devon Pony Club team show jumping at Bicton College. The hard work was well worth it after seeing the enjoyment that all the competitors had. Classes 3 and 4 were changed to a two phase format which worked really well. With such a tight schedule this ensured that all 42 teams and individuals were able to get their rounds in before dark. The last eight competitors jumped their rounds in a very dimpsy light! Class 1 was contested by eight teams, and the competition was very hot at the top of the leader board. East Devon were represented by two teams, many of them representing the pony club for the first time.East Devon Dinkies - Lauren Sanders, George Pennington, Hazel Tucker and Georgie Connelly finished on a score of 0 in a very respectable fifth place. East Devon Minis - Rosie Varley, Issie McLachlan Clarke and Chloe Howard had mixed fortunes but they all completed which was a huge achievement. Class 2 had 11 teams taking part in a fiercely competitive section. The top three teams were split by four hundredths of a second. Many of the East Devon members again were competing for the first time but they did not let the excitement get to them and kept their heads. East Devon Dashers - Flora Fraser, Harriett Pike, Ellie George and Yasmina Ratcliffe finished on a score of 0 and were sixth. East Devon Dynamites - Annie Mingo, Mollie Brooks, Briony Sanders and Georgie Gething finished on a score of 0 and third. East Devon Juniors - George Pennington, Poppy Bradley, Helena Varley and Emmie Hill - all competing for the first time - finished on a team score of four faults. Annie Mingo also finished fourth individually which was a great achievement. Class 3: Eleven teams competed for the under-14s title. Again East Devon had members representing the club for the first time. East Devon Comets - Libby Norman, Ellie George, Emily Woodruff and Harriett Pike finished on a team score of four faults but all jumped extremely well. East Devon Dynamos - Flora Fraser, Emmie Hill, Sophie Hayes and Lucy Lee finished on a score of 0 for fifth. East Devon Stars - Annie Mingo, Mollie Brooks, Charlie George and Georgie Gething finished on an unlucky four faults and just missed out on a placing. East Devon Flyers - Scott Hill, Annabel Hill, Lauren Allanson-Bailey and Caitlin Astley-Jones finished on a team score of 12 faults. Congratulations to Lauren Allanson-Bailey for winning the individual competition with Annabel Hill coming a very close second. Class 4: There were 10 teams fighting out the placings in the open class. East Devon had two teams representing them. East Devon Seniors - Lauren Allanson-Bailey, Libby Norman, Katie Ayres and Emma Tyrer finished on a score of 0 and fourth overall. East Devon Top Guns - Suzanne Allanson-Bailey, Katherine Perchard-Richards and Lucy Lee finished on a team score of eight faults. Lauren Allanson-Bailey just missed out on the top spot of the individual competition, finishing a creditable second to Alice Perrott from the Axe Vale Pony Club. A huge thank you to all the helpers who spent a very cold day on duty. Class One: Teams: 1, South Devon A; 2, Dulverton West; 3, Dulverton West North Molton; 4, Taunton Vale Harriers; 5, East Devon Dinkies; 6, Silverton Stars.Individuals: 1, Katy Throgmorton; 2, Alice Crocker; 3, Shannon Nichols; 4, Tatiana Brent; 5, India Eaton; 6, Hayley Northcott. Class 2: Teams: 1, Dartmoor Cheetahs; 2, South Devon West; 3, East Devon Dynamites; 4, Tiverton Hunt; 5, Taunton Vale; 6, East Devon Dashers. Indiv: 1, Harry Eaton, Taunton Vale; 2, Megan Isaac, Tiverton; 3, Alice Roberts, South Devon; 4, Annie Mingo, East Devon; 5, Harriett McGovern, South Devon; 6, Jess Hallett, Dartmoor. Class 3 U14s Team: 1, South Devon West; 2, Silverton Moons; 3, Tiverton Hunt; 4, Dulverton West; 5, East Devon Dynamos; 6, Dartmoor Lions. Indiv: 1, Lauren Allanson-Bailey; 2, Annabel Hill; 3, Pippa Glanville, Dartmoor; 4, Claire Harvey, Silverton; 5, Alice Roberts, South Devon; Ellie Shoesmith, Cotley. Class 4 Open: 1, Axe Vale Pink; 2, Cotley Green; 3, Silverton Suns; 4, East Devon; 5, Dartmoor Gems; 6, Dulverton West. Indiv: 1, Alice Perrott, Axe Vale; 2, Lauren Allanson-Bailey; 3, Vikki Maddox, Dulverton West; 4, Pippa Perry, Silverton; 5, Mimi Figgins, Cotley; 6, Pip Halpin, Silverton.

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