Terry’s milestone run

A few years ago, it was the fad to run with a heart monitor. These days we are more likely to see runners with GPS equipment but, at the Woodbury 10k, there was a young lady who had a heart monitor bleeping away on full volume and running alongside her was like being in intensive care as her device ticked away with the persistence of a burglar alarm, writes John Perratt.

The irritation did have some beneficial effect though, as it spurred some runners to quicken their pace and get away from her. This strategy was quite successful and the sound got quieter and quieter until it could be heard no longer. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. As Sidmouth runners approached the 9km mark it came back - faint at first but slowly getting louder all the time as the distance closed. Again, perversely, it helped, the pace increasing to get away.

The run of the day was something of a milestone for Terry Bewes. This race last year was his first ever with the club and his progress with us is reflected in his times. Last year he did it in 57.22 and this year he knocked more than four minutes off that. Well done, Terry. That’s the way to go.

The course is a good one, all on country lanes, with steady inclines, rather than killer hills and the rain that threatened at the start soon gave way to more pleasant conditions.

Gareth Horrocks, who set off rather too casually, but then realised it was, in fact, a race, was the first Sidmouth runner home in a time we think was just under 49 minutes.

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No results are available yet but he was about 15 seconds ahead of John Perratt who clocked himself at 49.07.

Terry Bewes was closely followed home by Sarah Brown and Lynda Hawkins representing the Sidmouth ladies, with Brian Gosling and Bill Valentine in close pursuit. Tea, coffee, bacon butties and cakes, freely offered in the village hall, rounded off the morning nicely.

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?A similar run lies in store next weekend (Sunday, October 9) at Cotleigh, near Honiton. There will be a 5k and a 3k for the youngsters (or less enthusiastic runners) as well as the main 10k race. Organised by the Honiton Running Club, it is another welcome addition to the local racing calendar.

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