The magic and management of the wallchart


- Credit: Archant

There is nothing like major tournament football, it grips the nation in a month of hope, with the flag of St George fluttering from cars and shop windows. 
Maybe this will be the year a big trophy is finally coming home, but when does that excitement begin? 
It is all about the humble wallchart, a household decoration like no other. This is your guide to a month of football brilliance, your supportive crutch when all the permutations have to be considered, your reminder that the next few weeks are going to be very special. 
There are some big questions when it comes to effective wallchart management; starting with positioning and the pen. 
It goes without saying that the wallchart, obviously, needs to go on a wall, but which one? The side of a fridge is popular but dangerous, too much footfall could lead to irreparable damage; the same dangers lurk on the back of the door. 
If your home has a lounge / dining room, think about your favourite seat for watching the football and also your designated place on the dining table. The wallchart deserves a place just in the peripheral vision of these crucial seating positions. 
It is then all about the appropriate pen. Newspaper wallcharts are easier to manage when it comes to pen-management, glossy versions spring up the risk of smearing and accidental erasing.  
Once you have overcome the challenges of positions and pen, it is the thorny questions of application and consistency.  
Blu-tack can present prolonged and unwanted memories of the wallchart, long after the tournament is complete, a slither of sellotape is safer.  
Consistency rises to prominence after the group stages of the tournament because it is now your responsibility to write in the fixtures. If the teams in group matches have been written in capitals, continue with this format in the knock-out stages, any changes in upper- / lower-case usage is wallchart treason. 
The final duty for the responsible wallchart owner is stamina. Austria v North Macedonia deserves the same love and care as Germany v France. 
And if England go out early, rip up the wallchart, snap the pen and switch to the cricket. 

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