The ‘Magnificent Seven’ pass the Mighty Green test

Sidmouth Running Club Beginners course January 2019. Picture SRC

Sidmouth Running Club Beginners course January 2019. Picture SRC - Credit: Archant

With just five more weeks of the Sidmouth Running Club (SRC) beginners’ course to be completed, the first batch of new members have successfully completed the test run, writes Hamish Spence.

Leading the group of seven was club chairman Terry Bewes, who took them on a three-mile route around the town.

It was a great team effort and the group kept together, encouraging each other all the way around. The group ran at a steady pace of 11-minute miles until they got onto the Esplanade for the final stretch back.

Lining up, they all set off together and picked up the pace to a 10-minute mile all the way back to the flagpole, where they finished in true MG style.

Well done, and congratulations go to the latest Mighty Greens: Beccy Johnson, Louise Dunford, Kerry Agar, Paul Williamson, Carol Hounsell, Jenni Yeoman and Danielle Downey.

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