Thrilling draw in all aspects but the score

Phil Dollman, Chiefs favourite and Sidmouth Rugby Club player coach

Columnist Phil Dollman played his league debut match at Sidmouth - Credit: Archant

I’m sure those who were at the Blackmore on Saturday afternoon share in my frustration at the result, and I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of being in a 0-0 draw.  

I loved having a run around again, and yet the result left a bitter taste. I have played in a 6-3 but never have I been involved in a score line like it, nor heard of one.  

It’s tough to get to grips with the score line alone but getting to grips with how so many opportunities were missed in one way or another issue altogether. The game itself felt like a 60-point game, plenty of running rugby, plenty of turnovers, penalty shots at goal yet neither side could quite convert.  

When I say a thrilling draw, it was. Lydney fought and scrapped for everything and deserved but Sidmouth, in my opinion, deserved the victory. 

As a coach and a player, it is going to take a bit of time before the new rules feel normal. We found it difficult to score from five metres out, with effort after effort being held up or swamped and covered from view before the referee could give a try.  

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The 50/22 rule caught both sides short on a few occasions, but this is only round two of the league season with plenty of rugby to be played.  

The first 1st team league fixture at the Blackmore for such a long time, brought with it a great atmosphere, with plenty of supporters, including the travelling Lydney support, who made themselves heard.  

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We definitely enjoyed seeing some familiar faces in the bar after the game, a vibrant fixture at all levels. Onward and upward with an away fixture at Newent next Saturday and a chance to put right some of the mishaps from the Lydney fixture and then I look forward to the next time we are back at the Blackmore.  

So many positive aspects to come from the weekend, on and off the pitch, and speaking as a coach, things are looking bright for the season, if we are able to keep on improving. 

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