Trigs fun despite the downpour

Looking out of the window on Sunday morning, with the wind and rain howling outside, runners prepared themselves for a rather wet and cold experience. Typical, as the day before the sun was shining, writes Lesley Roberts.

Meeting at the Sailing Club just after 9am, organisers Nick and Helen Keast gave the briefing and informed everyone that the money raised was going to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust and Devon Air Ambulance Trust (�325 each), which raised a cheer. Each runner was provided with a map but most had already done the training and knew what was in store - approximately 18 miles off-road, with an obscene amount of hill climbing to complete.

The aim of the challenge is to visit all four of the Triangulation (Trig) points around the Sid Valley. Runners follow the map to each Trig and collect a stamp at each one. Runners can pick their own route but it must be off road and each check point and Trig must be visited. They are at Weston Cliff, Buckton Hill, Fire Beacon and High Peak (and in reverse on alternate years).

Runners headed onwards and upwards to Salcombe Hill. There was a great turn out from Sidmouth RC and it was nice to see fellow runners from surrounding clubs. Justin Ashby was first home in a remarkable time of 2.25 hours. Apparently, he hit the first Trig at Weston in just 37 minutes... did you fly, Justin? He did the club proud. Close behind were Graham Hill 2.31, Ben Chesters 2.39 and Jim Pyne 2.53. Iain Burns' Total Wipeout training worked as he ran all four trigs in 3hrs.

Tim Mitchell, Joe Kent and Nigel Bicklry managed to reach the third trig without any hiccoughs, but Mitchell developed cramp and had to limp home. Bicklry thought he had finished and headed on down Peak Hill ahead of Kent, who shouted at him to run back up as there was still High Peak to complete! The pair completed the run in 3.24. Ian and Ruby Robson (Ruby being Ian's dog) came in with a time of 3.33. Ruby actually looked thankful to be finished, as did Ian.

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David and Suzanne Rampersad actually did eight Trigs in preparation for a 50mile run next month. Nicole Madeley and Naomi Garrick ran together, training for the London marathon in April, pushing all the way. Well done girls, a great time of 3.34. Mark Keast, intending to do two, ended up doing the lot with brother John. Graham Stout was in the same boat but had only meant to do one! Chris Robinson started and completed with brother Tim, whilst John Chesters and Davids, Palmer and Welsh, kept each other company and were full of smiles at the finish. Claire Ashby and Cath Miller completed two Trigs very comfortably - four next year ladies?

Runners were welcomed back at the sailing club with pasties and cakes from sponsors Hayman's Butchery and the Crusty Cobb, respectively.

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