Trotting along in Otterton Reindeer Run

This year the whole gang headed over to Otterton for the Annual Reindeer Run. This is always good for a laugh as nearly everyone makes the effort to dress up in the spirit of Christmas.

Rudolphs and Mrs Christmases were everywhere making it impossible to recognise some of the team! With John Perratt and Bill Valentine marshalling, the riot act was read by Jim Pyne, who had set the course, and then the runners were off.

The challenging, multi-terrain course, took us from Otterton Church, through fields rising up to Otterton Park, where a change of course took us up two extra hills, but, eventually, we got back to the River Otter, crossing the main road under the old bridge. Thankfully, this year it was bone dry. After doubling back along the old railway line and a couple more fields, with the church in sight, the finish is back at the Green. A mug on completion and then onto the village hall for mulled wine and mince pies, this run really is a ‘kick start into Christmas’.

The Fun Run which starts at the same time, turns away from the main race after a kilometre and takes a sharp right turn down Colliver Lane, a very narrow path. This leads back to Clamour Bridge over the river and then back to Otterton Green. Zak Francis and Maya Elston were the first two Sidmouth ‘Fun Runners’ back, closely followed by Flurry Grierson and Jack Gibson. Molly Spalding was the second girl in the U12 section. It really makes running and racing a fun event when everyone in the family can take part. Ben Chesters powered through in just 41 minutes to take third place overall and, with Kit Grierson and Milan Goc brought victory to Sidmouth in the men’s team race. Similarly Naomi Garrick was our first lady home and with Jane Beech and Lesley Roberts, made up the winning Ladies’ team. Not to be outdone, Terry Bewes won first prize for the “Best Fancy Dress”.

?The next Sidmouth Running Club event is the Christmas Party, December 11, 7.30pm at the golf club, includes disco and buffet, please get your tickets from Lesley Roberts (01395) 577310. Get your dancing shoes on!

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?Immediately after Christmas, Lesley Roberts and Bill Valentine will be taking the Boxing Day run, meet at 9.30am outside the sailing club, returning to the club in time to either join in the swim or have a laugh at those who do. Anyone is welcome to join in and to run off some of that Christmas dinner.

?Sidmouth Reindeer Run results: 10k: Ben Chesters 41.46 (3); Kit Grierson 42.33 (5); Milan Goc 43.14 (12); Jon Hanson 45.21 (25); Tim Mitchell 45.22 (26); Nick Smith 46.10 (30); Naomi Garrick 46.57 (33); Jane Beech 48.51 (41); Mark Keast 49.42 (44); Iain Burns 49.49 (46); Paul Mitchell 51.26 (55); Colin Flood 51.26 (56); George Chalstrey 52.33 (62);

Most Read

John Keast (who started late after acting as a good Samaritan en route to the start) 52.42 (64); Lesley Roberts 54.17 (67); Brian Gosling 54.58 (70); Phil Smith 57.04 (78); Cathy Keast 58.06 (82); Debbie Marriott 58.07 (83); Don Cawthera 58.07 (84);

Wendy Hazelton 59.08 (88); John Podmore 59.33 (90); Sarah Watkins 1.00.03 (92); Terry Bewes 1.00.05 (93); Jo Earlam 1.00.06 (94); Andy Sturmey 1.00.11 (95); Polly Burns 1.00.51 (99); Bev Tarry 1.02.45 (105); David Rampersad 1.03.08 (107); Kate Skinner 1.03.09 (108); Louise Brown 1.06.48 (120); Sarah Brown 1.06.48 (121); Ruth Chesters 1.07.39 (124); Sue Cunningham 1.10.04 (137).

3k Fun Run: Zak Francis 13.56 (1); Maya Elston 15.35 (6); Flurry Grierson 16.38 (12); Jake Garrick 16.45 (13); Jack Gibson 17.07 (20); Gabriel Stamp 17.17 (21); Scott Gibson 18.51 (32); Toby Garrick 19.07 (35); Jake Welsh 19.54 (41); Emily Roberts 20.09 (52); Jack Miller 20.10 (54); William Ashby 20.13 (55); Tessa Mitchell 20.55 (64); Jo Ashby 21.13 (65);

Louis Stamp 21.17 (70); Mike Stamp 21.17 (71); Amber Welsh 22.05 (81); Aimee Keast 22.10 (83); Alex Mitchell 22.19 (86); John Doherty 22.19 (87); Jackie Coles 22.31 (93); Tess Stone 22.59 (107); Billie Emmett 23.01 (106); Alex Spalding 23.46 (122); Angus Eaton 23.47 (126); Fin Stone 23.49 (127;

Justin Ashby 23.50 (128); Oliver Beech 23.56 (129); Isabelle Beech 23.56 (130); Molly Garrick 24.15 (131); Mike Garrick 24.15 (132); Oliver Keast 26.26 (142); Kathy Mitchell 27.59 (159) Charlie Roberts 28.33 (170); Freddie Roberts 28.47 (175);

Chris Roberts 28.50 (176); Jon Miller 34.09 (177); Ben Miller 34.30 (179); Jo Miller 34.45 (180) plus lots and lots of the Under 8 and Under 10 Sidmouth Warriors scattered throughout the field.

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