Won at Torbay

Torbay 1, SOHC Ladies’ 2nds 3

After arriving at Torbay’s pitch in cars so warm all windows had steamed up, no one was enthused to get out and play, writes Jessica Williams.

But with Karen Dutton staring into every car window investigating who was in each car, the players thought they better get out. A quick change of colour back to the vibrant orange kit and out past the opposition who seemed to be huddling with cups of tea waiting for the very last minute to get out on the pitch, SOHC were ready.

Willy took a dynamic warm up to get the players confident enough to peel trackie bottoms off just in time for the whistle.

Using the familiar formation the Ladies 2nds pressed well. Within the first couple of minutes, Rachael Down was hit by a lifted ball leaving her with a swollen thumb but that didn’t stop her. Torbay were strong from the start, using long hard balls to send the attack high but Cath Dockley remained strong in the middle breaking down play with low solid tackles . Liz Knapp and Amy Moore (from the Ladies 3rd XI) adapted well to the game pushing the ball up to Willy and Anna Bowker in mid field who made excellent linking play to the forwards Karen Dutton, Sophie Jackson and Georgie Hellier.

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However, Torbay’s breaks were quick and two strong midfield players worked well to sink three goals in the first half, slipping it past agile goalie Becky Delasalle. A well worked save from Delasalle and support from Jess Lay kept the ball from creeping over the white line a fourth time in the first half.

A goal from Torbay minutes later from an attacking short corner left a frustrated SOHC defence as it was hit outside the D, but after conferring between umpires SOHC were given the 16 yard hit out.

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SOHC were awarded two short corners in the first half but were unable to finish with a clean sound from the backboard. Dutton slipped them to Willy on the left with Willy hitting the ball just wide, leaving Rachael Down running in from the post to get a touch. Minutes later a second corner injected by Maisie Pritchard was awarded leaving Helen Mylne with a shot on goal but she missed narrowly.

The second half was where SOHC seemed to turn the gas on, using short accurate passes to send Torbay’s defence crazy. With a fast run from Maisie Pritchard on the left, she was able to beat two players, sending the ball into SOHC’s attacking D where Karen Dutton was waiting for a shot on goal. Displaying great ball control the ball, the ball made a solid path past Torbay’s goalkeeper making it 3-1.

Another chance came minutes later from Karen Dutton, breaking down Torbay’s hit out sending the ball into an unmarked Georgie Hellier. It was one-on-one with the goalie and Georgie Hellier’s sweep hit the left post sending the ball to a quickly responsive defender who hit the ball wide. A frustrated Torbay goalie sent her helmet flying while play continued until Dutton who wasn’t going to let the helmet jeopardise a shot on goal, quickly threw it into the goal. After realisation from the umpire, a ‘bully’ between Dutton and a Torbay defender just outside the D was awarded. Sophie Jackson was waiting on the post with Willy at the top of the D, but they were unable to convert before the final whistle. Man of the Match was awarded to Becky Delasalle for her incredible saves and Anna Bowker who played an exceptional game at the bottom of the diamond.

?SOHC face Dawlish at home at Sidmouth tomorrow, noon push back.

Report by Jessica Williams (Willy)

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