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Paddington at St Paul's by Michael Bond

Paddington at St Paul's by Michael Bond - Credit: Archant

You can never have enough books, writes Jane Corry. But every now and then, it’s good to try something different. Here’s a taster to get you going.

Secret Bannister

Secret Bannister - Credit: Archant

PADDINGTON AT ST PAUL’S by MICHAEL BOND. Published by Harper Colins £12.99

Can it really be 60 years since Paddington Bear arrived in the world? This is a delightful story about Paddington coming to London for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. Our favourite bear is mistaken for a choirboy in St Paul’s Cathedral. What fun! This is a family book to share.

THE MUSIC SHOP by RACHEL JOYCE. Published by Black Swan. £5.99

You Think It. I'll Say It.

You Think It. I'll Say It. - Credit: Archant

If you haven’t come across this author before, you are in for a wonderful treat. It’s 1988. Frank owns a music shop. He specialises in finding the perfect tracks for customers. But one day, a woman comes in who will change his life. Old wounds are opened. Can this stranger finally heal rank from the past? This will make you cry and laugh.

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YOU THINK IT, I’LL SAY IT by Curtis Sittenfeld. Published by Doubleday £16.98

On the beach? Then take a look at this. Short stories are perfect for dipping in and out of ! This award-winning writer had me spell-bound with her clever stories about how we deceive ourselves. In ‘The World Has Many Butterflies’, a married woman flirts with a man, by guessing what he’s thinking about the other guests. But she’s in for a shock….

An Orphan's War by Molly Green

An Orphan's War by Molly Green - Credit: Archant

Most Read

AN ORPHAN’S WAR by Molly Green. Published by Avon Books £7.99

Maxine Grey is heart-broken. Her childhood sweetheart is killed in action and then her new love isn’t quite what he seems. When Maxine takes a job at a Dr Barnardo’s orphanage, she is hoping for a second chance. There she meets a small boy who needs her help. A warm, life-affirming drama set during World War Two.

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce - Credit: Archant


Have you ever wondered if lawyers take on clients whom they suspect to be guilty? What do barristers say to their clients if they’re sentenced to ten years – when they seemed perfectly innocent? Why do barristers wear those wigs? This will reveal the secrets of the law in ways which you might not expect! For obvious reasons, the author is anonymous!

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