Gypsy a sell-out success at Kennaway House

One of the town’s favourite singers, Gypsy Watkins, gave a very welcome return at a sold-out concert at Kenn-away House on Saturday.

Since her first stage performance at this venue, Gypsy has built up quite a following in Sidmouth and the neighbouring towns.

There were no spare seats left in the Cellar Bar and people were standing for the whole of the second half.

It is not surprising that tickets for the next concert in May are already in demand.

Gypsy has a remarkable stage presence, it is said. She has an original way of making an entrance, and when she walks to the stage she gives a friendly touch to those she passes – and a very special atmosphere is created instantly.

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Gypsy has a good repertoire of famous opera arias, and that is where her magnificent voice is at its most impressive. The timbre of her voice is very soft, yet pure and clear, and she can effortlessly reach the highest notes.

She caters for all tastes, and her programme usually includes a fair number of popular songs, intermingled with the operatic arias.

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For certain numbers she also encourages the audience to take up the refrain – but people are probably too overawed by her brilliant voice to participate wholeheartedly!

The programme being over two hours long, one is left wondering how she can keep up so long without showing any signs of fatigue. In fact, she asks the audience if they are tired!

The answer is a definite “No” – and we are already looking forward to the next date.

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