Perfect harmonies from The Wilsons at Sidmouth

Perfect blend of harmonies and voices from the Wilsons at FolkWeek

THE legendary Wilson family graced Sidmouth with its talent on Sunday, singing to an eager Bedford Hotel crowd.

Famed for their perfect harmonies and colossal sound, the Teesside brothers Tom, Chris, Steve, Ken and Mike, are arguably the most accomplished acappella group in the UK.

Making waves on the folk scene for the last 30 years, an audience with the Wilson’s was well worth waiting in line.

Sunday’s line up covered the length of the group’s career, from 1980’s soothing favourites ‘Horumary’ and ‘Sea Coal’, to lively melody ‘Peat Bog Soldiers’, a recently recorded track.

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A largely North Eastern repertoire, the audience witnessed just how good unaccompanied singing can be.

True to expectation, the Wilsons produced a beautiful, invigorating sound with breath taking power.

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Their voices blend with such perfection, it has to be heard live to be believed and appreciated fully.

But there’s so much more to the Wilson’s than the quality of their sound. The intermittent banter is worth the ticket price alone!

Ruthlessly mocking each other, Sunday’s tributes and anecdotes made for entertaining insight into the group’s shared past.

Musically, this history seems to connect the brother’s performance in a very moving way.

For Cheshire couple Martyn and Rachel Wright, the experience was something special. ‘I saw them live 15 years ago and it’s amazing to see they’ve still got it, they really are incredible’

Mr Wright stated, anxious the group might have lost their touch. Having met during the Anchor garden’s folk festivities 13 years ago, Sidmouth Folk Festival holds a special place in the couple’s hearts.

For the Wilson’s though, logistics have kept Sidmouth’s festival charm from their grasp. After Sunday’s triumphant debut, Mike Wilson is glad they made the trip. ‘We’ve been doing this for 30 years and it never ceases to amaze me that we find new audiences. That’s why this (the festival) is important’, he stated, hope full of a return trip. ‘It’s been a fantastic family trip to the seaside for us’, he added.

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