Sidmouth DJ Stuart beats snow to do radio show

Sidmouth radio presenter does sleepover to keep Bay FM on air

IT seems nothing will stop Bay FM presenter Stuart (Huggy) Hughes from putting out his early morning radio show – not even snow!

On Monday morning he left his Temple Street home in Sidmouth at 2.45am after seeing it had started to snow and reached Bay FM’s Exmouth studio at 3.30am, ready for his 6am show.

“By then it had started to pitch down on the road,” said Stuart.

“The station manager didn’t go home and was surprised to see me so early.”

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Realising he might not get back to the studio for his daily shows until today, Christmas Eve, Stuart walked to the shops to buy a toothbrush and food for him and the four other presenters who camped out at the studio on Monday night.

Six foot something Stuart, said: “I was stuck in the recording room where they do news recordings for the night.

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“It is a 4’ 6” box shape. I curled up but woke up two hours later with cramp.”

With just two hours sleep in 40, Stuart found himself covering for other presenters who couldn’t get through the snow to Exmouth.

“I’m hoping to get home within the next couple of days to have a shower,” said Stuart, who planned to catch a bus to County Hall on Tuesday to spend the night there.

“It has been enjoyable but there is only so much enjoyment I can take.”

Pictured: L-R: (Guy in Red Hat) - Paul Strange, Andy Green, Stuart ‘Huggy’ Hughes, Chris Wiseman, Julie Green.

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