Thrills and terror in Simon Hall’s latest crime novel

Detective and journalist join forces on hunt for Exeter bomber

PERHAPS it was the bungled bombing attempt in Exeter by Islam convert Nicky Reilly that inspired Simon Hall to use a terrorist bombing attack on the thinly disguised Exeter Cathedral as the basis of his latest detective novel The Balance of Guilt.

This is TV reporter Simon’s fifth book that features TV journalist Dan Groves and Detective Chief Inspector Adam Breen as they link forces again to solve what must be Simon’s finest offering so far.

Taut, exciting, fast-moving, a real ‘stop what you are doing and finish reading’ novel, Dan is hot on the trail of the bomber and his radical indoctrinator,

We have a new introduction – spooks – and a possible way forward in the Dan/Claire relationship which turned sour at the end of The Judgment Book.

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There is only the hint of coded puzzles in this book, put aside for an all-action plot – one that could easily translate to the big screen.

If you have followed Simon during his rise to fame as a novelist as well as a BBC Spotlight reporter, you will be well-rewarded by this tale of terrorism, spies and a devotion to animals – read and weep!

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A great buy from Accent Press at �7.99. D.B.

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