Preparing for autumn - some book reviews for the darker evenings

First Book of the Sea

First Book of the Sea - Credit: Archant

September leaves will soon be falling – so maybe it’s time to turn over a new leaf in our own reading habits, writes Jane Corry! Below is a selection of titles to whet your appetite.

The President is Missing by James Patterson

The President is Missing by James Patterson - Credit: Archant

NEVER GREENER by Ruth Jones. Bantam Press £12.99

When Kate was 22, she fell in love with a man who broke her heart.

Fast forward 17 years and she has built up a new life for herself as a wife, mother and successful actress. Then she meets Callum again. Do they walk away from each other or risk finding out what might have been? The author is also a television writer and actress who played Nessa in the very funny Gavin and Stacey series.

Clock Dance by Anne Tyler

Clock Dance by Anne Tyler - Credit: Archant

THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Century. £20

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Yes – you read the authors’ names correctly!

This is THE Bill Clinton (former president of the USA) and it’s his first novel, written in conjunction with the best-seller James Patterson. The storyline is gripping. What happens when a president goes missing? And why has someone taken him? I’m not giving the plot away but there are some incredible twists and turns that only those in the know could deliver!


Peekaboo - Credit: Archant

Most Read

CLOCK DANCE by Anne Tyler. Chatto & Windus. £18.99

This intriguing uplifting novel follows the fictional story of Willa from childhood to grannyhood.

When she was 11, Willa’s mother left home but then returned. Then she got married and her husband… No! I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to give the plot away. But I can tell you that like many women of a certain age, Willa is faced with a new life with challenges that are not without their rewards. In my view, Anne Tyler is a gift. She makes you feel you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings.

Never Greener by Ruth Jones

Never Greener by Ruth Jones - Credit: Archant

POP-UP PEEKABOO! BABY DINOSAUR. Dorling Kindersley £6.99

There’s something about pop-up books which appeal to very young readers through to grannies – as my own grandchildren and I have discovered!

Little baby dinosaur is trying to find his mummy. But he discovers lots of other dinosaurs along the way. You can do the same, simply by lifting the flaps. Have fun!

A FIRST BOOK OF THE SEA by Nicola Davies. Illustrations by Emma Sutton. Walker Books £14.99

Every day, I count my blessings that I live on such a beautiful coastline.

This lovely collection of poetry captures the excitement with lines like ‘Who will be the first to see the sea?’ But it is also a reminder about treating it with respect and being aware of the environment.

A picture book which is perfect for all ages!

JANE CORRY is a Sunday Times best-seller. Her recent Penguin novel is THE DEAD EX. It tells the story of Vicki, an aromatherapist with a dark past. When her ex-husband goes missing, she is accused of his murder. Is she guilty? Even Vicki isn’t sure….

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