The Sidmouth Beach Lifeguard service returned for full-time summer holiday cover this week.

Although the team has been patrolling the beach every weekend since May half term, the service will now be provided every day from Monday, July 15 until September 10, from 10 am - 6 pm.

A spokesman for Sidmouth Lifeguard said: "A huge thank you to our entire Lifeguard Team for the excellent service they provide to keep our community and beach-goers safe.

"We hope the summer weather returns in time for a sunny start tomorrow."

The service is provided by Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat, which has recruited two new lifeguards for this season.

Last year the guards responded to over 100 incidents, from weaver fish stings and missing children, to broken bones and head injuries.

Working with Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat, HM Coastguard, the police and ambulance services, Sidmouth Beach Lifeguards were also involved in a number of major incidents, including an unexploded mortar round and numerous rock falls on East Beach. Day-to-day they provided endless safety advice, local knowledge and first aid.

The Lifeguard Service will be located on Sidmouth main beach, just below the far western end of the Esplanade, and will be fully kitted out, with a custom-built trailer due to be completed in time for the July start.

Qualified surf lifeguards will monitor and guard the area of Sidmouth Beach between the eastern side of Chit Rocks and Bedford Steps.

As well as working alongside Sidmouth Lifeboat, the lifeguard service is liaises closely with the RNLI in developing comprehensive operational procedures and risk assessments.

Lifeguard project manager Andrew Dean said: “All of them are local young people, who are really looking forward to serving their community."

This year they will have a new purpose-built first aid unit on the beach with medical supplies including oxygen and a defibrillator. The team will all have lifeguarding and advanced first-aid qualifications, and will train with other rescue services during the season.

Andrew said: "Beach users are very welcome to come and chat with the lifeguards for advice, and we urge everyone to keep an eye on our flags and safety information boards."