Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service group commander Ben Williams visited Sidmouth Fire Station on Tuesday, (December 12).

GC Williams presented Firefighter Jon Miller with his 30-year service certificate. Jon's certificate is a little late, 7.5 years late. Jon has had and still has a fantastic career in the fire service.

Ben Wiliams summed up his career, saying: "Working at Shepton Mallet, Sidmouth, and Torquay fire stations, Jon moved into training and operational safety before becoming the Group Commander for Torbay, East Somerset, and East Devon After a very successful tenure as GC and introducing some huge changes to the service, Jon became an Area Manager in Training & Development Jon retired from the service in March 2021 and returned to being an on call firefighter at Sidmouth. His enthusiasm and willingness to get involved are inspiring to all of us. His help and knowledge have been a catalyst to improve for many of us through the service.

"I know that everyone who has worked with Area Manager Miller or Firefighter Miller would wish him continued success and many more years service."

On November 24, Williams also presented four Sidmouth firefighters with awards, station manager Steve Fowler wanted to pass on the thanks of the service and community to firefighters Mike Dring and Simon Ralls, both have achieved more than 30 years service to Devon and Soerset Fire and Rescue Service.

Ben Williams said: "Their unwavering service and commitment, has certainly made a difference to the safety and well-being of the community. Also pictured are FF Barry Morton (ret) and FF Ian Mortimore who recently received their 20 year medal from Station Manager Jon Mellor.

"It's impossible to tally up the missed birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and children's milestones that have been missed by these 4 Fire fighter's. We thank them for their service."